Dr Chong Kwong Tek Asian Beacon launched Digital media

Asian Beacon first Malaysian editor:

Dr Chong Kwong Tek took over as the first Malaysian editor and together with Goldie they assumed the editorial responsibilities of Asian Beacon……..

By the time they left for Hong Kong in 1978, the magazine reached a peak circulation of seven to eight thousand copies per issue.


August 18, 2014: Dr Chong Kwong Tek

Today Dr Chong Kwong Tek and Goldie continue to bring influence with the Digital media and have launched out with humble beginnings of this Magazine Blog.

August 18, 2014:
Dr Chong Kwong Tek who represented the past leadership of Asian Beacon handed over a giant pen (a symbol of the literary ministry of AB) to current chairman Goh Khoon Seng. Together, they uncapped the pen to reveal a USB flash drive hidden within – symbolising the digital future of Asian Beacon.


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