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A friend was once paralysed with some kind of attack. Not being able to move or speak or even think, she could only remember the words of her Sunday school song “Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so”. With this one line she was able to hang on to sanity. The purpose of my blog is to share how Jesus loves His children. Many people I talk to testify how God is good to them. So I will share in my blog the wonderful abundant life that Jesus gives to those He loves. As the song says, “It is no secret what God can do. What He’s done for others He’ll do for you….”

Tek and I spent November 2014 in Singapore, China, Hongkong and Penang. We met people who experienced the love of God. I will be recounting their stories. I start with my own, the first time I realized that…..

God loves me and wants me to be His child

Goldie with Sophia

Goldie with Sophia

Sophia and I sat together in our DGS high school class in Hongkong. She helped me in math and I helped her with English and we became good friends.

I had everything that a teenager could want – loving parents, comfortable home, good friends, money, did well in school, etc. Yet I felt I was not completely fulfilled – there seemed to be something missing in my life. I could not put my finger on what it was but I knew I lacked something even with everything I already had. Somehow I thought maybe I’ll find this something in church. So knowing Sophia went to church I asked her to take me to her church. She said, “No, you won’t understand. Our church speaks in Amoy our dialect. This church is not for you.” So she took me to different English churches.

After visiting several we found one which had a lot of young people. I liked them and so started to attend the services in Emmanuel church. I joined the Sunday school, youth group, church and began to learn about God. One night in my room I was preparing for my Sunday school lesson when I came across the words, “God wants you to be His child…” I thought, “It would be wonderful to join God’s family and call Him Father.” So I knelt beside my bed and acknowledged Him as my Father. Then I went to sleep. The next morning I told my mother, “I’ve found it!” Meaning I’ve found what I have been looking for – the lack I felt was not knowing my spirit needed to connect with my life source. I later realized that being made of body, soul and spirit, I would be complete only when all three areas of me were fulfilled. Thus at the age of 14 I found all three. I told Sophia and she gave me a little bible and told me she had been praying for me and her prayer is answered. My mother later told me, “When you said you found it, your face was radiant!” end48


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