Carl Jung’s counsel to a young pastor.

A young pastor sought the counsel of the eminent psychiatrist, “Dr Jung, what shall I do?  I find myself working 14 hours a days. I feel so tired….”

“Why not work 8 hours a day and then retire to your study for solitude?

So he stopped church work after 8 hours of pastoral labour.

He spent 6 hours in his study reading the great German writers like Hesse & Mann. He played Mozart and Chopin.

He complained to Jung, “That didn’t help at all.”

I didn’t want you to be with Hesse, Mann, Mozart and Chopin I wanted you to be with yourself.

“O, I can’t think of any worse company!” answered the priest.

Jung retorted

And yet this is the self you inflict on other people 14 hours a day.” end48


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