Quotation-BANNERWhen storm clouds gather, the eagles get excited. The eagle uses the storm wind to lift itself higher, to lift it above the clouds. This gives it the opportunity to glide and rest its wings. Isaiah 40:31. When we wait on the Lord, we can use the storm clouds of life to lift us to greater heights.  Achievers relish challenge and use them profitably.

egaleEagles fly alone at high altitude, not with the sparrows.

Eagles have great vision. They are able to focus five kilometer away from their prey.

Eagles do not eat rotting meat.

Eagles love storms. They use their air currents to ascend and their wings to guide and soar.

Eagles test before they trust.

Eagles prepare for changes. Before eggs are laid, both the male and female identify a high place on the cliff or mountain far from predators. Males make nest with soft grass and thorns lining the final layer with their own feathers. Females lay eggs and protect them whilst their males hunt. To get the eaglets out of the cosy and secure nest, the female removes the soft layers and when the young experienced the prickly thorns they are more likely to jump. The male is there to catch them and encourage them to fly. end48


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