Japanese Values and Culture

Quotation-BANNERUntil fairly recently Japan has the second largest economy in the world.  It has little natural resources and is plagued with earthquakes. For Japan, her people are the resources. Therefore distinctive values need to be ingrained in her people starting young.

1: Japanese children together with their teachers clean their schools every day for 15 minutes.

2: Children brush their teeth after a meal at school.

3: Students take 30 minutes to finish their meals to ensure good digestion.

4: At buffet restaurants in Japan, people will only eat as much as they need. There’s no wastage of food.

5: The use of mobile phones is prohibited in public transportation, restaurants.

6: In spite of being one of the richest nations, Japanese do not have servants.

7: The rate of delayed trains in Japan is seven seconds per year! end48


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