The Lord’s Chariot

HT Long is known for his music ministry as the Elvis Presley of Malaysia. He has sung in almost all the churches in this country as well as many countries overseas. Living by faith he has experienced numerous times God’s provision and protection. He shared these testimonies in March 2014 at the invitation of our church in Perth where he sang in 9 meetings in 6 days.

Driving all over Malaysia in his old car which he named…..
The Lord’s Chariot

HT marvels at God’s divine protection

By HT Long as told to Goldie Chong

HT Long in MalaccaSnatched from death’s door
After I gave up my video and restaurant business and committed myself to serve the Lord,
I travelled to remote areas to sing and preach in my old Mazda323. One of my meetings was in Raub, then a very small town in Pahang. I asked Pastor Dinesh Kumar to accompany me. Someone advised us to take a short cut through Fraser’s Hill. As we climbed laboriously uphill along the narrow hilly road we got blocked behind a huge trailer. Dinish urged me to overtake it as we were running late and would not arrive on time for the 10am church service. As soon as I swung over to the right to overtake the trailer, horror of horrors, I saw a long truck charging towards me from the opposite side of the road. Instinctively I pressed on the accelerator. The next moment we found ourselves in front of the trailer with the oncoming monster whizzing past us. Instantly I realised angels had dragged me out of certain death, for no Mazda could have picked up such speed to swerve back into the road so quickly. After I got over the shock I asked Dinish, “why didn’t you yell, scream or say something – what were you thinking?” Dinish replied, “I was thinking I’m not even married yet and I am going to die.” I thank God for saving us from the jaws of death and allowing Dinesh to get married and have children.

Hanging on one nut
one-nutAnother time thieves targeted my car to steal the tyres. They unscrewed the nuts of the tyres one by one but could not take off the wheels because the fourth nut of each wheel was secured in a special way. Something must have happened to scare them so they ran off leaving their job unfinished. I was none the wiser and for weeks I drove around wondering why the car was so wobbly. My wife remarked, “why is the car shaking like this?” Then several days later I had a puncture so I went to the car mechanic. He blurted out incredulously, “Aiya uncle, do you know how dangerous! All your tyres are hanging on one nut only! ” Again I knew God’s protection was on me.

Stuck in hole
One night I was driving in a downpour in heavy traffic. Trying to avoid the jam I turned into a side road. Unknown to me the rain had dug a big ditch in the middle of the road. I fell in and was stuck. Water seeped in and the engine went dead – I could not restart the car. I called my good friend, “can you come and help me?” He replied, “sorry it’s raining so heavily….” Next I phoned my mechanic, “Muthu, can you please come….” He explained, “I can’t ride my motorbike in this rain…..but tell you what, I will call the tow truck for you.” I sat in the car, not daring to open the door in case the water gushed in. “Lord, please help me!” I prayed. Then I saw a man, an Indian walking by. I smiled at him and waved, gesturing that I needed help to push the car. He smiled and waved back and walked over. He pushed and pushed. The car started to move. With me at the steering wheel he single-handedly managed to push it to the edge of the hole. Then putting his back to the car, he gave one strong heave to lift it out. I got ready $50 to thank him. But as I looked in my back mirror he had disappeared! I tried to start the car. It started! I quickly called the tow truck driver. He was not pleased that his services were no longer needed, thanks to the Indian angel.

Faithful for 24 years
I thank God for providing His chariot with guardian angels to serve me so that I can serve Him. Last year my son bought me a new car. The Lord’s Chariot now stands proudly outside my home as a reminder of God’s faithfulness for making it serve me for 24 years. end48

HT in Oikos Fellowship, Perth
Vietnamese cuisine is good in Perth
HT in Oikos Fellowship, Perth Vietnamese cuisine is good in Perth



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