Divine Connection

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A remarkable chain of relationships involving persons in God’s big family:

Divine Connections

 Celia Yap was Esther’s Melaka primary school classmate who was invited to her wedding on 15 Mar. in Perth. Esther asked if she and husband Spencer whom we did not know, could stay with us.  

We agreed and since they were coming from KL we suggested they bring the latest issue of Asian Beacon to Perth. 

 This issue contains Esther’s salvation testimony “A spiritual makeover” which she wanted to share with her wedding guests. It so happened that in the same issue Celia is mentioned in another article “Through the lens of Faith” about Kid and Shirlyn Chan because she led both of them to the Lord. 
It seemed it is God’s divine appointment to connect all of us.
And we discovered later Celia is from our hometown Melaka. At the wedding we also met Esther’s other Melaka classmates. end48


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