A Prophetic Perspective:

National Nervous Breakdown?


Dr.Clifford Hill MA BD PhD

In a single lifetime we have seen the introduction of computers, the Internet, iPads, mobile phones…..CDs, DVDs, Play stations, jet engines, nuclear weapons, heart transplants, ATMs and literally thousands of other devices that we have taken for granted. Some have greatly benefited humanity, others have not. But most unsettling of all the changes that have affected our lives are the changes in our culture and values. Family breakdown has been the most devastating change doing untold harm to the lives of millions of children, adolescents and young adults. Pornography is probably the second most pernicious change and third is immigration with its unsettling effect upon the culture of the nation.

Just as the human body cannot absorb too many massive changes in a short period of time, so a nation cannot absorb too many great changes in a single generation without serious disturbances to the national psyche. This is what is happening in Britain where the impact of massive change has affected the foundations of the nation, our values and beliefs.

It is having an unsettling effect upon the whole population. It is like having a national nervous breakdownwe have lost our sense of security; we have lost confidence in our leaders. We have no confidence in our politicians, we do not trust them. We do not trust the bankers, or the police, or journalists, or social workers or the NHS. 
 Celebrities have been exposed as child abusers, entertainers as tax avoiders and even the Royal family has been shaken with adultery, divorce and financial scandals. Those who admired have let us down. 
Who can we trust? Is there any hope for the future?

There are many indications today that the social chaos and catastrophe will hit us in the near future. The outlook for 2015 is bleak.

Is there anything that can be done? Certainly! The most effective cure for our social ills would be the restoration of our belief system. This means recovering our faith in God. We are an orphan generation. We long for the security that only a trust in God can provide, that can give us hope for the future.

God is looking for a prophetic people who can declare his word for our times. It can be done in a single generation. But has the present remnant Christian minority got the motivation and the vision to save the nation?
Dr.Clifford Hill MA BD PhD , Winter 2014, Issachar Ministries UK.

Porn, and the way it is shaping our individual and collective cultural mindset, has moved on dramatically.
Sexually explicit material is no longer on the fringes of our culture; it’s in the mainstream……..
 The lines between pornographic and mainstream culture have become increasingly blurry; a slow creep in a more ‘liberated’ direction seems to have reached a tipping point.  

When poorly written Fifty Shades of Grey was distributed as a paperback in 2012, pre-existing shame barriers simply disappeared.

People were happy to discuss how much they enjoyed the sexually explicit book.

They were proud to sit and read a copy on the train.

Without any announcement the boundaries of acceptability had shifted.

 (Martin SaundersPorn Identity, article in Premier Christianity magazine February 2015)

 The Church has to wake up to porn addiction especially amongst the men.

Some surveys have shown that 65% Christian men and 15% Christian women visit on line porn sites regularly.

How could we respond with self-awareness, intelligence and compassion.

Highly recommended

  Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain (IVP) by Dr William Struthers. He is a neuroscientist and theologian.



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