Accidents! Almost!

Terrifying close shaves

By Goldie

Long journey

We went by bus from Penang to Melaka – a journey of 6 hours we were told by the bus company but it turned out it was 8 hours because it stopped at several towns.  But it was a pleasant trip  – much better than a plane as the seats were more spacious. I slept most of the way.  Later we found out we could have flown by Malindo the new airline for about the same price. Strange that no one in Penang knew about this convenience when we asked for the best way to go from Penang to Melaka.

Hold it!

upset-stomachAlthough we only ate an apple and cake enroute my stomach started to churn halfway to Melaka.  The night before at the hawkers food I had a big stomach upset but in the morning I was OK.  When I started to have stomach pain on the bus which had no toilet, I didn’t tell Tek. I only said I needed to go and he thought I wanted to wee only.  I was hoping that when the bus stopped in Seremban I could find relief.  It was some time before we reached S’ban and I managed to hang on but the bus only stopped on the main road to discharge passengers so there was no way to look for a toilet.  In agony I wondered how I could last until Melaka which was one hour away.  I kept praying and commanding my stomach to stop churning. It obeyed, so much so that I even fell asleep before we reached Melaka.  Arriving home Tek’s brother and wife had dinner on the table so we ate the delicious meal.   Immediately after dinner my stomach started churning violently and this time I  rushed upstairs.  Not a minute sooner.  I thank God for such merciful timing!


The next day we invited some relatives for dinner.  After dinner Tek’s brother Tart suggested we go for dessert but my stomach started to churn again so I told him we had better go home.  Our old faithful aunt Wan Yin was supposed to unlock the door but she had hidden the keys in the front garden flower pot and had to look for them in the dark. She then had to open 3 locks to the house – fumbling a long time as she couldn’t see very well in her old age. She has a habit of locking doors, even her bedroom every night.  Finally we got in and I made it just in time again!  A second time an accident was avoided.  God is good. (note: the next day Wan Yin lost the key to her bedroom for several days.  Finally the locksmith came to change the lock, charging R$80)  I am thankful she did not lose the house keys while my stomach was churning!


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