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Down memory lane

By Tek:

In Melaka Goldie & I went back to our home church Wesley Methodist Church. The familiar Youth Centre is now renovated & renamed the Ranger Hall. I paid a visit to the parsonage. But it is no longer Rev Suwito there; a much younger man  Rev. Andrew Lim is the pastor and the parsonage is now the church office.

 The people we love

Jimmy  Tan chaired  our meeting for the Wesley Seniors. He reminds me of his father Mr Tan Moo Loo, my former accountant & tax consultant.  As I looked at the gathered group many faces were familiar yet  different. Some I recalled their names, Rosie and Gan, Mui Kwai, Helen, Char Kuen and Ivy, Irene, no not Irene, but her younger sister Iris—now a retired teacher…  oh where is Robert, oh yes there he is sitting at the back row with Florence, Mary, my sister’s class mate, Poh Lin where is her husband Tai Liew? Susan & Yap, Sian Lee’s brother with his distinctive mustache……..

Youth to seniors

As I glanced at these friendly faces, my mind drifted back to another time, far away & long go: same place, same sitting arrangement. At that time my topic was “Thank God for this new Youth Centre”. Bishop Robert Lundy had come down from Singapore to officially open the new building. I was speaking as the President of the Methodist Youth Fellowship. My audience was the youth. Now Goldie & I were speaking on: “when Autumn leaves start to fall.” The faces looking at me are much more serious & more mature. They are the Seniors Fellowship!

Then, now, later

Melaka Wesley Methodist church has grown. Many of the former members are still faithfully worshipping in the sanctuary. Many pastors have come & gone. Mentally I heard the youthful voice of Char Kuen singing the touching words, “ Bridge over Troubled Waters” for the first time long ago in our MYF meeting.

Yes indeed, much water has flowed through the bridge, yet because our church has remained faithful, comforting, helping & encouraging….. the members His Church remain steadfast and strong. And I saw peace on their countenances. Thank God for His faithful ones. A sense of nostalgia enveloped me. I felt peace come upon me. I have come home. For an instant my heart became strangely warm with the assurance that I would be in another Home with Many Mansions where all my  friends will remain forever young & healthy, like the people I remember 50 years ago.

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  1. May 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleHome. I’m Home

    Wow, so heartfelt. I, too, am closer to Senior Citizenship than Youth now.
    Thanks for the blog, it certainly brought back memories; and thanks for blazing the path first so that my generation could have a solid foundation in Him.
    Melaka Wesley rocks!

    Aubrey Suwito ~ Kuala Lumpur

  2. May 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleHome. I’m Home

    Thanks, Dr. Tek.
    I’d been to Melaka once and I was able to connect with your thought of Melaka old narrow street yet vibrant!
    We also went around and viewed the recently developed places near the seaside.
    Your are blessed to have your roots in this lovely place!

    Edith M. Autor ~ Hong Kong

  3. May 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleHome. I’m Home

    I look forward to go to Malacca with you and experience the city old charms.

    Peter Chee ~ Perth

  4. May 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleHome. I’m Home

    HI Tek and Goldie,
    Yes, praise God for the old days as well as the new. It’s His faithfulness and goodness that keeps us going.

    Ellen and Cheng Lai ~ Perth

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