Response To Bill Shorten On Same Sex Marriage

From: Richard Chieng

To: Bill Shorten

CC: Tony Abbott

27 May 2015

Subject: Private Member’s Bill on Monday which will finally bring about marriage equality in Australia.
 Hi Bill,

Highly disappointed that you have caved in to the pro-homosexual marriage proponents. By saying that under the current law,  the gay relationships are not equal and that their love was less, you have missed the whole point of the opposition to homosexual marriages. In fact your (clever choice of) words is deceiving and misleading and, I think, is simply  to appease the homosexuals.  Marriage since time immemorial is distinct and different in many fundamental aspects from the homosexual marriage, an idea now conceived by  the gays and lesbians in their insatiable search for the elusive homosexual utopia! Their intrusion into the domain of heterosexual marriage is not the end of their pursuit!

Also, the homosexual lobbyists’ equating of opposition to gay marriage to discrimination based on “the colour of our skin, our gender, …. rights for older people and women” is totally inappropriate and illogical.

Gay couples can never be the same as or equal to heterosexual marriage: Gay couples can never breed on their own; they use their sex organs against nature physiologically; their children by adoption or other means can never have the nurture of both a father and a mother, just to name some irrefutable and obvious ones. How can a logical and unfettered mind reasons that gay marriage and heterosexual marriage are equal or the same when you have such fundamental differences?

 Please research on what follows when gay marriage are legalized –

» One example among plenty – Normal students will be taught safe homosexual sex for each different forms of gay sex in schools! Having seen an oversea school list of different gay sex acts and what protection to take for each act, I was shocked that names given to some acts sounded scary to me and I certainly do not want to find out more. Children of our future generations do not need to be taught such garbage!

» The public, including young children and students, are being bombarded openly and by stealth with gay agenda in the form of library books, school curriculum, celebrations, events, print and televised news and, yes, legal actions.

» The slippery slope (to a chaotic & dysfunctional society) will not ceased until our rights of expression in any form against the gay agenda is TOTALLY SILENCED! You ought to watch this video, Bill, on what “gay marriage” is doing in Massachusetts (and other nations where homosexual marriage is legalized).

Still I hope you will lobby against the so called “Marriage Equality”, the term cleverly coined by the homosexuals to send a misleading message to the public!

Kind regards,
Richard Chieng.


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