Sowing And Reaping

I have planted, apollos watered, but God gave the increase1 Cor.3:6

By Goldie

jbwesley_logoIn a meeting in the Wesley Methodist Church Seniors Fellowship in Penang a lady identified herself to me as my student in my Religious Knowledge class in the Methodist Girls’ School in Melaka. In the 1960s the govt. decreed that christian religious knowledge classes could not be taught by the regular staff so I was a volunteer teacher who taught the form 5 school certificate exam subject, doing Luke and Acts. Nellie told me she was not a christian while in school but after she got married one day she met with a serious accident.  It was then that she remembered some of the scriptures that she had learnt and that helped her to believe in Jesus and become a christian.


Mission schools

It is noteworthy that many ex students of the mission schools who were not Christians when they were students became Christians later in life.  I noted this in my own Anglican school Diocesan Girls’ School in Hongkong where scripture was taught by a teacher who made no attempt to evangelise us.  In fact I do not even know whether she was a christian herself.  But years later in our class reunions I discovered many of my classmates have become Christians. Truly “My word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” Isa.55:11

Two special fruits

In the Melaka Wesley Seniors Fellowship I was glad to meet two special friends.  Rosie, a teacher was a client in my beauty shop Michelle Co. which I operated with Tek’s sister.  Rosie came for facials regularly.  One day she remarked “That’s an interesting book you are reading” when she saw on my table Brother Andrew’s “God’s Smuggler”.  From then on we got to talking about spiritual things.  She came to our church and soon became a christian.  When she got married her husband also became a christian.  We left Melaka but we heard that her children also believed. When I met her this time she was beaming that all her family are in the Lord.

Susan another special friend was also a client of ours.  She went through a rocky patch in her marriage and we prayed and walked through the agonizing years. We have kept in touch every time we went back to Melaka and this time she declared her marriage is now strong. I thank God for allowing me to see the fruit of the seeds sown.



  1. May 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleSowing And Reaping

    Tek and Goldie,
    You and your family were there for me when I walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. This week, I just completed teaching my first year and class of students living with disabilities including emotional and mental challenges. You were an important part of helping me heal and becoming the person I am today.

    Thank you, and I am blessed to know you.


    Kemlyn Tan Bappe ~ USA

  2. May 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleSowing And Reaping

    Amen! We are all blessed to be a blessing! You are both a wonderful couple loving the LORD and being a blessing to others.

    Ellen and Cheng Lai ~ Perth

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