Thank God for Australia

Three weeks ago. I was bleeding profusely after a medical procedure. Being late at night, the doctor called in our house to see me. He advised that I should get to the hospital’s emergency department. Within 15 minutes the ambulance was at our door – much earlier than was expected. We had the ambulance waiting while I got ready; it was quite embarrassing.

Fifteen  minutes later I was at the hospital, under the best medical care  On discharge two days later, much to my surprise and delight I was told I did not have to pay for any of the treatment I received because it was a govt. hospital.

Australia is indeed a land of plenty, a lucky country, a country of milk and honey. I am truly grateful and thankful to my God who  let me and my family call Australia home. It was through His grace that He brought us here.

I  ❤Australia and I ❤❤❤God.

Jesslyn Leow attends the Oikos Fellowship in Perth


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