Fluffy balls

Finding delight in simple pleasures

By Ai Hiong Ling Sim

I’m sitting  by the window on a cold winter day.

What do I see? Two fluffy balls under the tree. A minute later they moved!

They are a pair of cuckoo birds that visit our garden almost every day.

They must be feeling the cold.

A while ago they were curled up like two fluffy balls.

Now they fluff their feathers and stretch their wings, so you can see their whole profile.

Then the scene changes. One minute they are nodding their heads at each other.

The next minute they are chasing  each other round the tree – having some fun? After a few rounds, they take a long look at each other, then they curl up into two fluffy balls again.

Now, what’s that all about?


What a funny pair of birds, but such a delightful scene before my eyes. It lifts my spirits high and makes me smile. So glad they can rest under the sheltering tree .


Thank You Lord – that brightens my day! 

I’m reminded that when I feel weary, cold and down, I can just curl up and rest in Your love – for You are my Sheltering Tree.

And I can also enjoy some fun even when it’s uncomfortably cold. END


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