Whatever your need: Ask and you will receive…..

By Goldie Chong

I am needing a new washing machine. The one I am using is giving some trouble and I am afraid it is about to conk out any time. I’ve had it for about 15 years. It was left outside the old apartment when the tenants moved out and abandoned it. I installed it back and it has worked without trouble till now. I dislike shopping, dreading the time and effort I would need to find the right brand, model, stars, features, price, etc. I didn’t look forward to it at all.

My old washing machine that is going to be replaced

Then yesterday we had lunch with Dynah. I mentioned by the way that I wanted to buy a washing machine and whether she can suggest where to go.

It just so happened that she had just bought a whole lot of stuff to furnish a new house and she said this shop was having a sale but she did not know if the sale was still on. Since we were free we went to take a look. How fortunate, the sale was still on.

 It was not difficult to choose the one I wanted – a Venini which I’ve never heard of. The salesman said it was an Italian company in conjunction with a China company. “Nowadays, everything is made in China” he explained.

Dynah said, “It really doesn’t matter what brand it is. I bought a wellknown brand but it broke down in two years.”

Due to Dynah’s persuasive bargaining the price was lowered and in addition to her having a Trade Discount Card, I got another 10% off, making the purchase a low $243!

I was very happy. Everyday I pray for divine appointments. I sure got one today! END

Note: To save delivery charges the machine was delivered to a friend’s home with other things.  I prayed that  to bring it back to our home it would fit into our car boot.  Also I would need someone strong to lift it in and out of the car and bring it into the house.  Also for someone to install it.  All these steps I specifically asked for God’s help and every single thing was wonderfully provided.


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