Reader: Bernadette ~ Singapore “Night of the Long knives”

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Says: Dear Aunt Goldie,

BernadetteI read the Night of the Long knives with great interest and would like to share my feelings. with you. I could certainly identify myself with the writer’s testimony.  Although my journey of turning to Christ was different.  I also pursued intellectualism a lot in my younger days, in particular, in university time.  I was very influenced by a brilliant English lecturer and affected by her teaching of feminism.  So much so that I was backslidden for a while till I went to FGA in Perth.  God led me back through the church and you.  May I take this chance to say “thank you” to you.  My struggle did not stop then.  In fact, I went through lots of ups and downs in my spiritual life till I went to New Creation Church.  Pastor Prince’s preaching is really a fresh breath.  He opened my spiritual eyes to see that there is indeed now no condemnation for I am who I am in Christ just by believing in Jesus and His finished work on the cross.  His focus on God’s love liberates me from all insecurity, doubt and other pursuits.

Bernadette. ~ (Singapore)

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