Reader: Caesar Rode (Perth) “Melaka Mission”

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Jul 2015

Says: Hi Dr Chong

mugshotYou may not remember me, I used to visit your Clinic in Malacca during the 60s and 70s with Edmund Chan.

We worked together with the Inchape group on medical equipment, he was in sales and I in X-Ray and medical equipment, we used to stay at Regal hotel opposite your clinic. I started my own medical equipment business, Champion Electro-Medical Sdn Bhd in 1977 and retired in 1991 and moved to Perth.

I now worship at FCC with Pastor Benny Ho. I heard you will be conducting a get together soon, Praise God! Hope to catch up with you and your wife Goldie, I had also met your brother Kwong Tart.

Caesar Rode. ~ (Perth)

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