Reader: Papa and Mama Reents ~ USA “Ministry Memories”

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Says: Hi Dr Chong

Patty ReentsHow wonderful to see your face once again.

Our memories of you and your wife and FGA Perth are dear to my husband and I.

Little did we realize when coming to Perth that we would have the privilege of helping you all in starting the church… it TRULY was a divine appointment and from a cry of my heart to have fellowship with those from Malaysia or China.

We love you very much and thank The Lord for the relationship we have in Christ. Papa just turned 80 and is doing well; healthy… walks 2-3 miles 5 days a week.

I have some health problems… but trusting in The Lord.

We will celebrate our 60th anniversary next year. And now have 16 grandchildren and 13 going on 15 great grandchildren…

We are BLESSED.  Please give our love to those in the church and keep in contact with us…

Papa and Mama Reents. ~ (USA)

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