Third Time to Cambodia By Wong May Tuck

Why it was the most interesting and impactful

By Wong May Tuck

Diverse group

Our journey to Cambodia started on Sunday, 30th August when our team of seven met at the departure lounge in KLIA2. We had come from Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Perth, some of us meeting for the first time, to travel and work together as one team for the next 7 days. This may sound like a tall order as we are expecting the group to within a short time, team successfully with people whom we have not met nor worked with before. How can we be sure that we can get along with each other? I know we are all Christians, but we are also human, with our own little idiosyncrasies that can drive other people nuts!


May Tuck – 3rd time
The program for the GTIS teachers was drawn up by our team leader, May Wong for the six of us who would be teaching. We were allocated topics that were within our expertise and experience and were given a free hand to develop the teaching modules. I knew what I had to impart.

However, I knew nothing of what the others would be covering beyond the title of the topics. Apart from the exchange of emails which grew with a little more intensity closer to the dates, we did not once meet to discuss our topics or how the 4-day program strings together. By corporate standards, this would have been deemed “disastrous” as we did not have regular updates and we did not know what the other party was doing.

Everthing dove-tailed together

The day came for us to kickoff our 4-day program. We started with devotion in the morning that set the foundation for purpose in life and the tone for the first topic. As each topic was delivered, I found that they supported and connected strongly with the topic before and after it. I marvelled at how seamlessly all the modules fell into place. Clearly it’s the work of the Holy Spirit as so little human effort was required. I felt the Holy Spirit was guiding and shaping the whole program. Furthermore, last minute freeing up of session slots and adjustments by the other team members gave me the additional time required to facilitate my sessions. There was no striving. I did not need to fret or be anxious about the “what’s and how’s” to deliver my modules. It all just unfolded and resonated so well with all the other modules.

Looking back I am in awe at how smoothly the schedule went. How perfectly our topics inter-related and supported each other’s key messages. More importantly, how much the teachers benefited from the collective teaching. I am sure we would not have achieved this level of success if we did not trust and respect each other, share the same purpose and committed all to the Lord.

A future trip?

The days went by quickly. We worked hard and played hard. We had a lot of fun, laughter and eating – – wholesome breakfasts, simple tasty lunches and dinners in Kampung Speu and fancier meals in Phnom Penh. We also met a number of amazing people who responded to God’s mission for them in Cambodia. Their stories are humbling and inspiring. So much enthralling memories to bring with me into the future. It was joy to be part of this amazing team of people who love the Lord and love what they do. I look forward to another trip to Cambodia with them. END


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