Lost mobile

Testimony (count your blessings)

by Peter Chee

Peter-Chee-Perth_burned-thumb mobile_lost

On a trip to Kuala Lumpur last month we went to a supermarket at Shah Alam to buy some new trousers. While trying them on I left my mobile on the counter.

After paying for them I realized that my mobile was not with me and so I went back to find it. I checked with the helpful sales girl and she helped me to search for it. We went everywhere including the changing room. My mobile has all the contact numbers in KL and I would be quite lost without it. Quickly we asked our heavenly Father to help me to find it. Another helpful sales staff even lent us his mobile to make a call to trace it in the hope to hear it ringing somewhere. Finally we decided to make a lost report at the information counter. By then I was quite sure that the phone was lost and someone would have taken it. When I reached the information counter, before I had the chance to open my mouth I saw my phone on one of the counters. The staff said that someone found the phone in the pants section. I thank the Lord for answering my prayer.


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