Lost needle


By Goldie Chong

needle and hem-01In London I was hemming my granddaughter’s skirt when I ran out of thread. I used the needle to pin the rest of the hem and went to get some more thread.

After finishing the job my granddaughter delightedly put on the skirt which fitted nicely. 

After some time I remembered I must have left the needle still on the skirt so I went to look for it. By this time she had changed and the skirt was on the floor – no needle on the hem! We searched all over.

We were all worried that the children who go around barefoot would be pricked. We prayed and looked desperately for it everywhere repeatedly.

Several hours later I suddenly spotted it on the floor near the table where I was sewing.

I must have removed it from the skirt and put it on the table – and forgot I did it and the children must have swiped it off the table when they put their toys there. We were all relieved that it was found. END


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