The pull of Cambodia

                             Each visit is worthwhile

By May Wong

“What…you are going to Cambodia again?” remarked a friend. “How many times have you been there?”

I have been to Cambodia more times than I can count with my ten fingers but each trip is different. The dynamics and synergy provided by the composition of different team members, the people we meet, the growth of the people whom we share our lives with over the years and even the development of the nation, made sure of that.


What made this trip yet again another memorable trip?

May with GTIS canteen worker-1

 May with GTIS canteen worker & daughter

• Meeting up again with the staff and teachers of GTIS after many months of absence from the school and seeing their growth in their faith, professional and personal life through various challenges and difficulties encourages me.

• I believe that our being there showing the love of God through the ministry of prayer, counseling and helps is an encouragement to them, and this warms my heart. An example of this is the school cleaner who has been helped to become a canteen worker and her daughter who lost an eye and now needs ongoing care.

• Seeing our own team members change their mindset of their service in the Lord from “I can’t do anything much” to “There’s something I can contribute and I will come again” brought me joy, knowing that the Lord had raise up another minister of grace.

• Meeting and catching up with various dear ones such as Esther Ding, Joseph Chan, Linat and Soksan, Debbie Choy, Ong Teong Hoon, hearing of the work and projects they are involved in, and which are, obviously, only made possible by the favour and grace of God. They are living epistles that demonstrate that the Lord loves Cambodia and is extending His hand of grace in that land. I am amazed and inspired by their love for Cambodia and the people, commitment, energy, enthusiasm, perseverance and persistence in the carrying out of their work and their personal mission.

Drama in the skies

On our way home our plane being unable to land at KLIA2 due to bad weather and poor visibility. The Captain aborted the landing within 7 or 8 minutes before touchdown. We circled for nearly 20 minutes and finally landed 40 minutes after the scheduled time.

The passengers were very quiet for the whole 40 minutes…. probably praying. I certainly was praying and praising the Lord the whole time! Upon touchdown, we applauded the Captain who did a good job.

After we landed, one of our team members remarked “It’s been a while since I have prayed in tongues for this length of time!” There was probably a Prayer Revival in that plane! Serving Him is certainly eventful and joyful! END


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