Mission Trip is on My Bucket List

By Dynah Chang

I lead an extremely busy life. Between my work, family and friends I have little time to do God’s work. But I was determined to make this trip to Cambodia. I needed the food for my soul.

I was ready for harsh conditions which I thought came with mission trips. On the contrary our trip was very well organised. We were without luxuries but totally comfortable accompanied by cheap yummy food at every meal.

It is quite common that when a group of people travel together there will be some disputes and disagreements. Goldie warned us that if that should happen, we are to air it out before it gets any further. We are to pray for peace and unity. End result? We all worked so well together that I was reluctant to part when the mission was over.

My task for this trip is to train the teachers in deportment so that they can pass it on to the many students they teach. These teachers are lovely people, so humble and naturally good mannered.

deportment and fun

However they have no knowledge regarding social etiquette in the modern world. They learned fast and absorbed information like a sponge. It only took an hour to teach them and the improvement is vast.

They are now conscious of the way they should sit, walk, stand, talk etc…..

In fact the next day after their lesson, the whole ambience was different – I saw the teachers sitting so regally – that makes my heart sing. Better still, there was no more nose picking or massaging feet during lectures.

Although my contribution is small, I know now I can make a difference in many people’s lives.

My husband and I travel a lot….this will be my most treasured and memorable trip among all my travels. END