Melbourne Rally – Pro-Marriage and Pro-Children

From: Peter Kentley
Sent: Monday, 21 September 2015 9:29 PM
Subject: Report on the Melbourne Rally – Pro-Marriage and Pro-Children

Hi all,

Melbourne Rally 1I am very pleased to report that the Melbourne Rally went extremely well. I had the honour to MC the event and I admit I was a bit apprehensive about what kind of reception we might get from the LGBTI?

As we were about to start the speeches around 30 LGBTI demonstrators started to interject with a trumpet and chants etc. Without any prompting from us our crowd spontaneously started singing Amazing Grace. This silenced the objectors and we had no more interjections from that point. The event was well covered with prayer and we overcame the opposition with Grace and Worship. There were no scuffles or any physical interactions at all.

The spirit of our people was fantastic. Then about midway through the speeches two blokes came up and sat on the steps to the stage and started to kiss in front of the crowd. There was not one word from the crowd or any movement. The two guys then moved off and that was it. So our crowd were not belligerent or reactionary at all. I was so proud of them.

Our crowd were happy, cheering and right on top of things with joy, responsive cheers and delight in their freedom to express their faith position as being pro-children and pro-covenant of marriage. There was no negativity at all and the speeches were excellent.

I estimate we had around 900-1000 at the Melbourne Rally, as you can see from the attached photo.

So we tested the waters and proved that we can run very successful rallies with the right heart. While the numbers were not overwhelming and the media coverage minimal, I feel we achieved our primary objective to shift the atmosphere in the spirit in the public square.

I hope this opens up the way for a major rally next year to speak to the nation before any plebiscite on SSM. This is a winnable issue in the Lord who does not want us to surrender the nation to legalised sodomy and loss of freedoms.

Cost wise the I understand the national rally budget was around $15K and in Melbourne we took up an offering, in a very low key way, that raised around $3.5K, covering local costs and contributing to the national budget.

Thank you Lord and a big thanks to our organisers, Terry Hall, Ray Moran, Vicki Janson… and our magnificent prayer supporters.

Blessings to you,


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