Divine Appointments

                                  We could not have arranged it but He did

By Peter Chee

When we decided to join Dr Chong and Goldie for the mission trip to Melaka we also decided to tie in our own mission trip to KL for one week. Part of our preparation was to pray and to ask the Lord for divine appointments. We prayed daily for about 2 months.

Peter & Herlina (centre back) & his brother & sister-in-law in Melaka

Peter & Herlina (centre back) & his brother & sister-in-law in Melaka

My sister

I have a half sister who we visit every time we are in KL. Four years ago I shared with her on the benefits of buying real estate by using the equity on her house. When we saw her she was very excited to share that she and her husband had put into practise what we advised them and now they owned 7 properties. They were also grateful that though our father had passed away 5 years ago we still continued to visit her and her mother regularly. She thanked us for continuing to pray for them. I asked, “what do you and your husband desire next?” “After 7 years of marriage we hope for a child,” she replied. I prayed for them and reminded them, “A child is a gift from God and only God can give you. Both of you have to pray regularly for one.”

In Melaka

When we told her we were going to Melaka she asked if she could come along. We were all prepared to go by bus from KL to Melaka but when she wanted to take us by car we accepted thankfully. Little did I know that on the day we were to leave for Malacca I had an attack of gout. I could hardly walk . Imagine limping and having to carry two large bags and two sling bags. Praise God He knew our infirmity even before we had it. Furthermore, by her going to Melaka, she attended church with us and was reminded that having said the salvation prayer before, she should have fellowship with christians. When we returned to KL we shared with her and her husband how to study the bible on their own and also encouraged them to join a church.

Depressed mom

We shared in a single moms club where I got to talk to a lady suffering from depression. Her elder sister, a Buddhist had brought her hoping she could be helped. I prayed for her and shared briefly the gospel with her, inviting her to accept Jesus as her Saviour and Lord. Wonderfully she did. I passed her to one of the helpers to give her a chinese bible and to follow up with her.

My brother

My elder brother and his wife also came from KL to Melaka to visit me and went with us to the single mom’s club. Both of them are staunch Buddhists. Probably this was the first time they attended a christian meeting. They sat behind me when I prayed for the depressed lady. The next day when we all returned to KL, they prepared a big feast for us, inviting other relatives. Before eating the wife surprised everyone by inviting me to thank God for the food!

Our prayer for divine appointments was wonderfully answered. END

Peter and his wife Herlina are retired real estate agents. They live in Perth



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