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Today the 25th we had a delightful meeting with our web-master Gary Green & his wife Adrienne. We were so encouraged when he gave us the latest statistics that this Blog had a monthly hit of about 2000-3000. It’s wonderful we have received many email feedback from ‘long-lost’ dear friends. So we feel that we can well make our Blog a hub for our mutual friends to contact one another. We are making our Readers Feedback page a place where you may meet your old friends. And if you wish to contact any of them, kindly email us for their address. With that in mind, we publish again some of the feedback & emails we received from many of our friends – putting it as a more prominent feature in the Blog.

Reader: Lay Hua ~ Malaysia
07th Oct 2015

Says: Your blog has so many interesting stories. I’m amazed at your work. 
Lay Hua (Malaysia)

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Reader: Sam & Liza Ding ~ Singapore
05th Oct 2015

Says: Thank you for sharing this with us. What a lot of energy the LORD has blessed you with!
Sam & Liza Ding (Spore)

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Reader: Ann Wee ~ Singapore
03rd Oct 2015

Says: Blessings for your good work! 
Ann Wee (Spore)

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Reader: Goh Bee Lee ~ Malaysia
05th Oct 2015

Says: I am amazed by the energy you have travelling so extensively and working. Praise the Lord!
Goh Bee Lee (Malaysia)

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Reader: Denis Dutton (USA)
Former bishop of Malaysia
29th Sept 2015

Says: This may come to you as a surprise, since I have not kept in touch with you for a long time. Recent events in our lives indicate that God is with us in a very real way, bringing us untold blessings. Peng Teck’s daughter wrote to ask if I could write something on his 70th birthday. While doing that a vision of you and Goldie came to my mind. One the one hand Goldie’s name rings a bell for me. It was another person with the same name who helped us to come to the US to get my college and university education. When I saw that name it brought back a flood of memories. When I saw your name and all at once, I saw my prayer partners. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Emme and I were in Sydney and Melbourne two years ago. We did not make it to Perth where many friends live. Perhaps we will make it next year.
Praying that God will continue to bless you and your children. God is good all the time! 
Denis Dutton (USA) Former bishop of Malaysia

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Reader: Steve Oh ~ (Perth)
29th Sept 2015

Says: Always find something interesting in your blog. The story on Ong Teong Hoon is the stuff of a providential God putting the pieces together, a testimony of his working things out as we commit to acts prompted by our faith. Sorry I missed your meeting with Geo but will pop in to visit your Saturday meet at G’fun in the near future. Praying for you both to continue to bear fruit in your ripe old age some distance away yet. Remember that our life span is 120 years as God appointed. Genesis 6:3. Steve Oh (Perth)

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Reader: Adrienne ~ (Perth)
29th Sept 2015

Says: Dear Tek & Goldie,
That was a lovely and touching testimony of your daughter Cristal. A blessing from the Lord.
Love Adrienne (Perth)

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Reader: Jagan ~ Melaka

29th Sept 2015

Says: Dear Tek & Goldie,
Thanks so much. I enjoyed reading especially on the Melaka trip. God bless.
Jagan (Melaka)

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Reader: Dave Hendroff  ~ (Perth)
29th Sept 2015

Says: Dear Tek & Goldie,
Thank you for your regular newsletters!
Good to hear your ministry is going well.
Although I do not reply regularly, you are in our thoughts & prayers often.
Dave, Sue, Leon Hendroff (Perth)
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Reader: Irene Gan ~ (Penang)
28th Sept 2015

Says: TQ very much Tek & Goldie. Keep up the good work.
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Reader: Ps. Patrick Yeoh ~ (Perth)
28th Sept 2015
Says: Hi Goldie & Kwong Tek
Since the day I met you, I notice that your enthusiasm to serve our Good Lord has not diminished one iota! In fact it has grown from strength to strength. When I compared your enthusiasm to mine, I feel deeply shameful! Your example has inspired me to smarten up and do more for God’s gospel and cause.
Shalom Ps. Patrick
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Reader: Surendra Bhattarai ~ (Nepal)

Says: I am missionary pastor from Nepal. I saw you on Facebook.

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Reader: Charles Chan ~ (Perth)

Says: Hi Dr Chong.

Charles here, was in FGAP eleven years ago. See that you are still looking good.

May God blessing be abundant to you and family.

Charles Chan, Perth

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Reader: Caesar Rode ~ (Perth)

Says: Hi Dr. Chong, You may not remember me, I used to visit your Clinic in Malacca during the 60s and 70s with Edmund Chan.

We worked together with the Inchape group on medical equipment, he was in sales and I in X-Ray and medical equipment, we used to stay at Regal hotel opposite your clinic. I started my own medical equipment business, Champion Electro-Medical Sdn Bhd in 1977 and retired in 1991 and moved to Perth.

I now worship at FCC with Pastor Benny Ho. I heard you will be conducting a get together soon, Praise God! Hope to catch up with you and your wife Goldie, I had also met your brother Kwong Tart.

Caesar Rode, Perth

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Reader: Annie Lao ~ (Philippines)

Says: Hi Dr. Chong & Goldie, So glad to receive this email from you. Thanks for sharing your testimony Dr Chong.

Do you know how I started at FGA?

When I ask the Lord to lead me to a church He wants me to attend when we migrated to Perth. I asked the Lord for a church with authentic testimonies and that one Sunday it was testimony sharing! I know I have found my church in Perth!  I will always thank the Lord for the two of you! So good also to see your beautiful pictures! As if you never grow older … We must have not seen each other for 15 years already! Great to keep in touch again.

Warm regards, Annie, Philippines

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Reader: Bernadette ~ (Singapore)

Says: Dear Aunt Goldie,

BernadetteI read the Night of the Long knives with great interest and would like to share my feelings. with you. I could certainly identify myself with the writer’s testimony.  Although my journey of turning to Christ was different.  I also pursued intellectualism a lot in my younger days, in particular, in university time.  I was very influenced by a brilliant English lecturer and affected by her teaching of feminism.  So much so that I was backslidden for a while till I went to FGA in Perth.  God led me back through the church and you.  May I take this chance to say “thank you” to you.  My struggle did not stop then.  In fact, I went through lots of ups and downs in my spiritual life till I went to New Creation Church.  Pastor Prince’s preaching is really a fresh breath.  He opened my spiritual eyes to see that there is indeed now no condemnation for I am who I am in Christ just by believing in Jesus and His finished work on the cross.  His focus on God’s love liberates me from all insecurity, doubt and other pursuits.

Bernadette, Spore

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Reader: Angela Oh

Article: “The Night of the Long Knives”
Says: Hello Mr Chong,
What a well written, humorous and interesting testimony.  Thank you for your sharing.  Shalom+

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Reader: Gark & Annie ~ (Perth)

Says: Dear Tek & Goldie, July 2015 issue | Dear Goldie: What an amazing God we have to see the fruits of your labour of touching so many lives across the globe including our lives in Perth.

We send you our blessings and God’s journey mercy as you take this long trip. May every encounter carries His Presence and Fragrance.

Cheers, Daniel Gark Bin & Annie Tan

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Reader: Daphne & Timothy Teo ~ (Singapore)

Timothy TeoSays: You and Tek are so special; your life as a couple have enriched countless round the globe.

We have been so blessed by your love and friendship.

Keep shining for the Lord!

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Reader: Wongmeilin ~ (Singapore)

Says: Thank you dear Prof Aw, I agree that the step of faith to believe n trust will lead to God opening our mind to understand His creation .your student before MBBS 75

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Reader: Eldon Brown ~ (USA)

Eldon BrownSays: Congratulations on your 50th Wedding anniversary!

Sue and I celebrated our 57th anniversary December 25, 2014.

We treasure our time working together in ICA Hong Kong during the early 1980’s.

May the Lord richly bless you and your family.

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Reader: Kemlyn Tan Bappe ~ (USA)

Says: You and your family were there for me when I walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

This week, I just completed teaching my first year and class of students living with disabilities including emotional and mental challenges. You were an important part of helping me heal and becoming the person I am today.

Thank you, and I am blessed to know you. Love, Kemlyn Tan Bappe

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Reader: Ming Wee ~ (Singapore)

Ming WeeSays: I too love returning to visit the Wesley Church in Melaka.

I recognise less people as I left Melaka much longer than my brother Te

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Reader: Peter Chee ~ (Perth)

Says: Your article “Our Desperate Need” reminds me of my granddaughter, Audrey who is 4 years old and is constantly drawing her favourite cartoon characters.

After every masterpiece she would make sure that we examine her work and give her the appropriate encouragement.

I really enjoyed this article. Thank you for printing it.

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Reader: Edith Autor ~ (Hong Kong)

Says: Thanks, Dr. Tek.

I’d been to Melaka once and I was able to connect with your thought of Melaka old narrow street yet vibrant! We also went around and viewed the recently developed places near the seaside. Your are blessed to have your roots in this lovely place.

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Reader: Ai hiong Sim ~ (Perth)

Ai hiongSays: Your blog is a wonderful means to bless and encourage people. I introduced your blog to my brothers in Singapore – Ling Sing Wong and Thomas Ling. They are really enjoying your blog. Thomas said he couldn’t put down his tablet!

Both of them were very happy to read Dr. Aw’s article. They both knew Dr. Aw very well when they both worked with him at NUS. I also know him from my ministry in the schools, and had often invited him to speak to the students about Creation. He is an excellent Bible teacher. Thank you for your ministry, you are great channels of blessing for God! God bless you and have a great day – enjoy the glorious sunshine!

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Reader: Esther Tan ~ (Adelaide)

Esther TanSays: I couldn’t agree more with Dr Chong & Goldie’s comment on how well Violet, you have coped. You literally took dominion & refuse to let it control you with doubts, stress, and worry and unbelief. God will honour your faithfulness. You now have the privilege & right to testify to the difference our Saviour makes in your life. You have demonstrated to others who are going through the same treatment that life can be full of joy in spite of temporary setbacks. I am so proud n honored to be your friend. Dear Goldie, enjoyed reading your June articles.

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