2015 OCT: Light hearted October

Child to Mother

Child: Isn’t it true that when we sin, we become short?

Mother: No, Tom. Of course not. What makes you say that?

Child:  Romans 3:23. “For all have sinned and come short…”


Sunday school kid to Teacher

Sunday school kid: Is it true that missionaries who love and serve God will end up in heaven? And cannibals who eat and swallow people will go to hell?

Teacher: That’s quite right.

S.S. Kid:  What happens if the missionary is in the cannibal?


Teacher to Student

Teacher: When is boiling point reached?

Student: When Dad reads my report card!

Poor Birdie!

A group of poor children from the inner city were taken for the first time to the countryside.

One child saw a songbird perched on a branch and lamented,

Poor, poor bird… he has no cage to live in.



A teacher brought three boys before the Principal charging them for unruly behaviour at the school picnic.

“What were you doing?” the Principal asked the first boy.  “Just throwing peanuts in the lake,” he replied.

“That’s harmless enough.”  Turning to the second boy, he queried, “And what about you?”

“I was also throwing peanuts into the lake”.

The Principal then addressed the third boy. “And what about you?  

Were you also throwing peanuts into the lake?”                                                                                                                      

“No, Sir.” said the third boy. “My name is Peanuts”.


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