Facing Barrenness

                                                             Inez and David learn through a painful wilderness

By Inez Lee

It is only natural to desire to start a family after being married for some time.
Not falling pregnant for the first year was quite alright, but when it was unsuccessful month after month for nearly 5 years, it was heart breaking. We cried many times.  When other couples shared their good news we secretly wished it was us who were making the announcement that we were expecting. The visits to the specialist were emotionally and physically draining. The thought of going through the possibility of adoption was daunting.

But through our barrenness, God comforted us many times and we hung on to His promises such as: ‘Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. Ps.37:3,4 and “ He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children “ Ps.113:9  We continued to cling on to these promises.

New ventures

Four years ago, we felt that the Lord put a burden in our hearts to do 2 things. One was for David to start a new office for his education and migration business. Second was for our family to partner with a couple in church to take over Gloria Jean’s Café in a shopping mall. It was a huge step of faith for us if we were to take up both opportunities. It did not make human sense to be stretched when we were still trying to have a baby. Both ventures would mean emptying our savings completely.

Signing of David’s new office lease and the first trading day for Gloria Jean’s happened in the same week. It was a tremendously stressful and busy time for us. In the midst of all that was happening, my pastor Patrick Chen of Zion Praise Harvest Church and I also had to visit a friend’s mum who was suffering from the last stage of breast cancer. We spent time praying for her and assuring her of her salvation. Then pastor asked her to pray and bless my womb for children.  As soon as she prayed, I broke down in tears. I was reminded that the Lord remembers this deep desire of ours to have a baby. Auntie’s prayer meant so much to me, encouraging me that even if I am in pain and suffering, I can still bless the Lord and others. Shortly afterwards, Aunty passed away.

God’s mysterious ways

It seemed so impossible but in the midst of all that was happening, Zachariah was conceived. When we reflect on how it all happened, we just could not understand the mystery of His timing and plans.

Every time we look at Zachariah, we thank the Lord for this miracle. We thank Him for remembering His promises, remembering our longing, remembering our tears, remembering our journey with Him. That’s the meaning of Zachariah – “Yahweh remembers”.  END

David, Inez & Zachariah Lee-02
David, Inez, Zachariah, Sasha-02
David, Inez & Zachariah Lee
David, Inez, Zachariah, Sasha

David & Inez now have a second child Sasha born in 2014. Inez is now a fulltime mom and also helps her husband in his business.



  1. October 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleFacing Barrenness

    That was a very encouraging testimony.We are now in the process of helping a close one who is also facing a similar situation.Keep up the good work.

    Peter Chee ~ Perth

  2. October 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleFacing Barrenness

    Greetings to my brother n sister in Christ, David & Inez!

    Shalom & Blessings!

    Thank you for your article ” Facing Barrenness”. After reading it, even i am facing certain challenges that only our Good God knows n understands completely. Whenever any doubts, nagging questions, fears, n so on, our Jesus always ministers to me. Among the encouragements as He points to the Promises in His Holy Bible, He reassures me that i am important to Him, that He will continue to use me to help Christians e.g intercessions, sow bless the Ministries He directs, instructs. n so on.

    Usually He speaks of my breakthroughs that only He can do so. Asks me to obeys, trusts, believes, depend not on my own efforts, capabilities but upon Him solely. Together, He will do His will, plan n purpose. Be patient.
    He is consistently working for my good. That the time will come, that’s, His Timing!

    Thank you dear brother n sister, for your sharing. It does has positive teachings n encouragements upon myself.. PTL!

    Sharon-Lily Kang Beng Sue ~

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