Introducing Puspa

                                     Puspa Tharuman, founder of Education Life International Limited (ELIC)

By Goldie Chong

One of remarkable persons we have the privilege to know in Cambodia is Puspa whom we met several times in the past few years on our trips to Cambodia.

We have visited her school and heard her students speak excellent English taught by her.


Puspa is a Singaporean who attended YWAM’s DTS in 1982 and has been connected closely with them till today.  She felt God called her to Cambodia where she has been working for eight years, starting a school for the poor and needy slum kids.

Supported by individual friends, she has been toiling with minimum resources which eventually took a toll on her, especially with the handicap of hobbling with a stick because she was bitten by fire ants which caused horrific infected swelling and cellulitis for years.

On the verge of leaving Cambodia in discouragement, God healed her miraculously and gave her an amazing breakthrough – recognition and support from the local authorities,

She received an official request from them that they have recognized the high standard of the English language of her students and therefore they would send some of their Grade 7 students from the government schools to her classes to be given English tuition.


Puspa feels this is a long-awaited God-sent breakthrough and opportunity to extend her ministry in Cambodia.

Initially her present facility can take in 100 students.

She is now having a recruitment exercise hoping that the school will provide teaching in other subjects like maths and science.



Please take a look at her recruitment guidelines and write in for more details.


The main activities are focused on providing international standard level of English Language proficiency to the children of the underprivileged and poor of Phnom Penh City, Cambodia. Through education, we believe the children will learn Values, Workplace Readiness, Health Education, Creativity through Art and Music, and Reflective Thinking.

Being based in Singapore and Cambodia, ELIC is able to provide a rich environment for learning and interaction with different nationalities and culture. Our mission is to provide quality education for Cambodians to lead transformed and empowered lives.

The Ministry of Education of Cambodia wants to develop their education system by adding English as a second language into their schools. The Government of Cambodia has authorized us and asked us to take on their 7th Grade children from the Public High School into our NGO to help teach English, Mathematics, Science, Music and Art.

Our current enrolment will stand 100 and above students from 10 November 2015 onwards. We see a need to expand the services of the school to more needy children. We are always on the lookout for individuals who have a rooted passion for nurturing young children through education and character development.


Education Life International Limited, (ELIC) is a non profit NGO organization that is registered in Singapore and Cambodia. 

We have an urgent opening for volunteers in the following areas:

The following requirements are:

[1] At least one or two years of relevant work experience in any of the areas as stated above.

[2] Passion, commitment and dedication towards the teaching education of the children of Cambodia

[3] Teachable and willing to learn the local language

[4] Independent and adaptable to a new environment,  culture and living conditions

[5] Preferably long term volunteers. However, short term volunteers who can give their services for 3 to 6 months or a year commitment are welcomed to apply.


Personal Assistant to the Principal

Teachersfor English, Mathematics, Science, Music and Art

Administrative Manager

Administrative Assistant


Clerical Staff

Operation Manager

School Counsellor

Interested candidates may contact the following for further details.

The Director




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