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31st Dec 2015

Says: Dear Goldie

mugshotI am the middle sister in dear Goldie’s family.  Therefore, my mother named me “Sansan”, as in the number three in the family.   There are many advantages in being positioned in the middle of a family, for by default, one gets the wisdom from siblings above and the vibrancy from two more siblings below.    

We were raised in a peaceful and stable home.  Our parents provided a comfortable and rich environment for us to pursue a wide range of interests.    I read a recent Dear Goldie’s blog that she started a year ago.   She talked about the legacy of God’s grace which flows down a thousand generations.  I am moved to share such a favour which emerged in our family since the time of my great-grand-father’s life towards the end of the Ching Dynasty.   He was widowed and was facing poverty and hunger.  He needed to feed his family, which led him to seek help at the Christian mission.  This contact with the Christians led his son, Chou Fu Chuan into the church and he became a Methodist minister.  

Chou Fu Chuan fathered eight children, my mother Louise being one of them.  Our parents gave us a stimulating and lively home and we grew up amongst aunts, uncles and numerous cousins.  We had abundance in every way, which smoothed paths for all of us to raise our own families, some immigrating to other countries and everyone is doing well.  Our children, in their turn, are now bringing up their children, half of whom are already teenagers while the other half are still in their early childhood.  In five generations, we have lived in harmony and contentment, affirming to ourselves that we are the manifestations of God’s grace and love.  

We are witnessing God’s promise of His blessings permeating down the generations.  One man (our great grandfather) became a Christian and he followed God’s way, empowering the whole lineage to prosper today and through the ages to come.We give thanks to our Maker every day

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