Bedeviled by my Wife’s Dementia

DGroothuis-200wDouglas Groothuis, professor of philosophy in Denver Seminary exposes his feelings of torment about his wife’s gradual sinking into dementia

As he witnessed his wife a gifted writer and editor, being bedeviled by a bevy of chronic illnesses, each year worse than the year before,  he bravely  continued with his writing and teaching. But he confessed life was cruel  as he faced a new “pattern of a life absent of common enjoyments such as vacations, sufficient sleep, church attendance, days and even hours free from pain, serendipitous activities, and more. In their place came doctors’ visits, medical tests, prescriptions, expensive supplements, counseling, prayer sessions, experiments with unorthodox medical practitioners, and more.

He writes honestly of his search for meaning in the midst of his despair. “I lament before God and man, trying to find a sure footing where I will not sink into self-pity -a footing from which I can offer up to God and to the world a hope worth hoping, because there is a God worth knowing….

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October 26, 2015 | Douglas Groothuis | Source: “Bedeviled by My Wife’s Dementia” | Images: Milles Studio / Stocksy & Public Domain


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