Reader: Rev Denis Dutton ~ (United States) “Appreciate Your Ministry”

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Nov 2015

Says: Dear Goldie

mugshotThank you for posting that news letter.

I read it with interest and appreciate your ministry. Both Emme and I are entering into a new phase of life. Today is the first day when all clock in our Zone will moved their clock backwards.  While aging reduces our ability to do somethings what we used to be able to do, it is not like putting our body clocks backwards. We are enjoying life and maximising our usefulness under present circumstances.

I recall a time when a great leader of the church reminded his flock that all Christians are evangelists – we all have the task to share the meaning of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. You comment prompted me to think of that statement.

May God continue to bless your ministry.

Rev Denis Dutton ~ (United States)

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