Book Review: Together Forever by Jason Lim

By Goldie Chong

Together forever


Marriage is really, really tough

Family values are under severe attack. The onslaught seems to come mainly from the West: same sex marriage, abortion, homosexuality, premarital sex, etc. The Christian family is not spared – the divorce rate among christian couples is as high or higher than the couples outside the church.

While we are grateful for the many excellent teachings on Christian marriage written by our western mentors in the past, we are glad to see God is raising church leaders in the Asian church to re-examine the issue of marriage in our Asian context. We came across such a recent publication.

Dr Jason Lim left his medical career to become a pastor in 2006. This book is adapted from his series of Sunday sermons in his church Gospel Light Christian Church in Singapore.

His main focus is to show that we can’t deny that marriage is not easy, human beings being selfish, insecure, hurt, dragged down with baggages, etc. He insists the solution to making marriage work and work beautifully is to go back to the Creator of marriages. We may think we can rely on our own abilities, strengths or cleverness to handle marital difficulties but ultimately we cannot overcome our sinful nature.  Only Jesus can do that.  So Jason explains in easy-to-read principles of how Jesus can provide not only the “how to” but the power of “how to really do it”.

This book will benefit singles, dating couples, marrieds, divorcees who want their marriage even though it may be really, really tough to believe that Jesus is enough to make their  a marriage “made in heaven”.  end48

This book is available from Armour Publishing or Singapore bookstores. Price: $19.26/special web price $16.37



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