A Comfortable Home for our seniors

 Melaka AgapeCARE ACE HOME 2 opened

By A. Jagan Anandan

The launching of the 2nd ACE Home of the AgapeCARE Society was on 21st  November 2015


AgapeCare ACE Home 2


Datuk Wira Wong speaks at Dedication Service

Melaka Christians cooperate

A dedication service was held ten days before the Dedication Service.

Chairperson Josephine Au stressed the importance of unity among the Christians in Melaka. The AgapeCARE board is comprised of 9 volunteers from 8 different churches and the staff are from 10 different churches. Josephine used Luke 8:16-18 as her text where she said that if we consider ourselves light and salt in Melaka, we need to think how to light as any lamps as possible and to salt Melaka until she is so salty. A practical way to do that would be for the churches and Christian organisations to consolidate efforts and work closely together, to break down the territorial mentality and work on common projects for the common good. That would be victory in the spirit realm.


Chairperson Josephine Au


AgapeCARE Home for the Elderly (ACE Home for short) was started by AgapeCARE , a non-profit social organisation in January 2012 when we prayed and sourced for a place to start a residential and day-care home for the elderly.  Datuk Wira Wong Soon Lim very generously gave his old house which was already a fully renovated, purpose built and equipped nursing home with 15 beds, designed for his mother. Upon her death, it was handed over to AgapeCARE, to start ACE Home 1 at 115H/I, Lorong Mayang 3, Taman Pringgit Jaya, 75400, Melaka.


Men’s performance


Goldie & team visited 95 yr old resident Rosie Wee in 2015


Ladies bedroom


By early 2014, ACE Home 1 had already reached maximum capacity with one day-care and 13 stay-in senior citizens.

At about the same time, this adjoining house was up for sale. 

Datuk Wira Wong and his fellow trustees of the Datuk Low Kiok Boo Foundation were approached and the house was purchased.  

With this additional house, ACE Home can now accommodate a maximum of 30 residents and 10 day-care clients, of low to medium needs’ level.

ACE Home 1 & 2 has a total of 4,800sqft space. Besides all the renovated rooms and new facilities, every resident has a personal wardrobe, bedside table, bedside lamp and wall fan. 

ACE Home is an aged-care home for any elderly with low to medium needs; it is not a nursing home, although ageing-in-place is being considered for the near future.

Holistic care

Caring for the elderly is multi-faceted and often emotionally and financially difficult for the caregiver and family. It’s worse for those without family and financial means.   Hence, at ACE Home, we endeavour to help every elderly individual holistically deal with declining health and aging issues whilst still maintaining love and respect and preserving dignity.

The everyday regime, besides the 5 meals, include physical exercise and fitness activities, and mental, spiritual and emotional health activities. Twice a week, most of the residents go out to join the ACE Club program, or excursions and retreats. A variety of fruits and vegetables are cultivated here too. Lemon grass (serai) and moringa leaves are dried and made into tea for the residents’ consumption.

ACE Club, another AgapeCARE community project, is a social platform to gather and empower the elderly to support one another through health & wellness programmes, recreational activities, excursions and niche hobby groups. Now there are 2 club chapters, one located in Malim Jaya, which meets on Thursdays and the other in Peringgit on Wednesdays.

Through this launch, AgapeCARE also hoped to raise RM150,000/- to repay a loan taken for the purchase of  items and  renovations for the 2nd ACE Home.

To donate:

Account Name : Persatuan Kebajikan Agape Melaka
Account No : 039-201-200251-4
Bank Name : AmBank Berhad

agapecaremlk@gmail.com   Website : www.agapecare.com.my



A.Jagan Anandan, is an English lecturer and a board member of the AgapeCARE society Melaka.

Additional info: 

Agape care is seeking Christians, either young or old, to assist or partner us to develop two social enterprises, especially in these areas:

(1) Online marketing of aged care / rehab speciality products – we are looking for someone who is internet savvy and can develop a programme.

(2) Marketing of food products (i.e. frozen form and other baked products) – we have producers and a food technologist with us but we lack the marketing expertise.

We believe these social enterprises relating to our helping ministries, can help us generate income and provide jobs in the long term, so that we can ease on organizing fundraising projects.


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