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A Gift From God

By Sim Ai Hiong

A good husband is hard to find

Mine is enthusiastic, loves life and kind He is gentle, yet firm He sees your gifts and readily affirms.

My husband loves his children

And dotes on his grandchildren

He is full of fun and always chirpy

Always whistling and singing, ’cause he’s happy.

Together we are a Team

He helps me cook, wash, and clean

He makes me smoothies and fruit juice

And even polishes my leather shoes!

To me and friends he is good company

And we often gather to sing in harmony

He loves his harmonica and plays his favourite songs I accompany on the piano and we enjoy a singalong.

Together we always enjoy our meal times And we make time for prayer and fun time A couple who sings together clings together And those who pray together stick together.

Through the years we learn to love and trust each other We try to meet the needs of each other My dear one is my constant companion and friend And Jesus Christ is our Great Example and Friend.

My husband is God’s gift to me

Through him I see God’s love for me

With grateful heart my prayer will be

A good wife I aspire to be!




Ai Hiong is a regular contributor to our website. She was a teacher and a Christian education worker in Malaysia & Singapore before migrating to Perth.

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