Amazing Facts to Blow your mind March 2016

Wee-Hian-THUMBBy Chua Wee Hian

Quotes: read, review, reflect and release



The cat is the only domesticate animal that is not mentioned in the Bible.

Jellyfish cannot swim; they are carried along by the wind and currents.

The ten-room Ice Hotel in Lapland offers the ultimate in cold comfort. Built entirely from snow and ice, the average room temperature is -4 degrees C. Beds are made from packed snow. There is even a small sub-zero chapel for weddings – the perfect place to say “I d-d-d-do”. Guests are advised to book early as the hotel melts in April and has to be re-built the following winter.

Elvis Presley’s hip-wiggling started out as stage fright. In the early days, he was so nervous on stage that his legs would shake. Since the audience began to scream when he did it, he decided to make it as part of the act.

The term “best man” dates back to the time when Scotsmen kidnapped their future brides. The friend of the groom who excelled at the abduction was acclaimed to be the best man.


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