Bunny, Egg or Cross


                                                                                                                        By Gary Green

Well the time of Easter Bunny has come and gone. 

Funny how as little children the fantasy world  seems so real and our innocence  to realities allowed us to dwell in a world beyond that we could see, touch or feel. (child-


Being a  believer requires child like faith. There are  at times things we must accept as true because  our Father (God) has said it is so. With the believer  the spiritual realm is one of these things we cannot  see it, but we can observe signs and consequences of its reality and that relates to good and evil alike.

The bible says that no one is Good  but God, (Mark 10:18) so one can say evil is the absence  of Goodness.  So the fruit of evil would  be  the absence  of God being involved. Because  God only does good. Therefore  one can argue  people who demonstrate  evil actions  are a life absent of God. Just  as God is Light, Darkness is the absence  of Light.

The whole of creation is a mirror  into the spiritual  world which is the greater reality as its eternal by nature, whereby  our physical  reality is temporal  ( by nature  it has a beginning  and end)

Our ability  to be part of the Kingdom of God is only possible because the very things we as believers remember  during the Easter  Weekend.  

Whilst the  world’s lost in  fables of Easter  bunnies  and easter eggs, we should  take  the time to ponder on what God has done through the  Cross of Calvary for mankind  as a whole and more particularly  ourselves,  as we know we were once enemies of God, while lost in  our Sin. However  now because  we have accepted  God’s  solution  to our problem  (sin, that made us enemies ), the embracing of God’s  solution  the work of the Cross.  (ie  that which Jesus  achieved  for us by his death  on the Cross) We are now declared “righteous” (without sin and guiltless )  and now friends with  God.

Such is the enormity  of what the Calvary’s  moment  achieved for mankind  and us.

The Easter  story and taking our time out to remember  God and what  he has done for us, seems the least  we should do.  As the book of Ephesians  says , saved by grace through faith lest any man should boast.

What a sobering thought we could do not one thing not one thing to pay our sin debt  as we are bankrupt  of spiritual  currency to pay for the penalty  for sin. All we were capable  of doing  was increasing  our Sin Debt, and never able to pay it off. Truly a dilemma with far reaching levels  of  consequences for mankind and ourselves,  with finally the Lake of fire was our final  destination.

Praise God we are now friends  and with God “declared”  by God to be righteous.  

We are God’s children and his friends now. He is our Father and we belong to his Kingdom and live now life in the Kingdom  of God;   while here on this earth.

Blow the easter bunny. Give me  God and a life in the kingdom  and being a citizen of Heaven. With our eternal life lived in Heaven it self. end48

 Gary Green  is our webmaster for www.deargoldie.com  4cminews



Mind you that doesn’t  mean we don’t eat easter eggs.

It’s just chocolate  in a different  shape. After Childhood memories of Marshmallow filled Easter eggs the now Hollow Easter eggs are such a let down. 

Wow imagine  a giant  easter bunny  filled with marshmallow,  what a sugar fix that would be 

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