The 4 minute look

Can looking into someone’s eyes do anything to your relationships?

This Social Experiment Asked Six Couples To Look Into Each Other’s Eyes For 4 Minutes, It Will Make You Cry

‘The eyes are the window to the soul’ but how often have you looked into the eyes of your loved ones?

In a social experiment by Prudential Singapore, six different pairs – husband and wife, mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister, and sisters – with various multi-ethnic backgrounds, were all chosen to look into each other’s eyes for four minutes.

The video opens with the line: “Our relationships are becoming more and more disconnected, can simply looking into someone’s eyes for four minutes improve your relationship?”.

In the initial stages, all participants stared awkwardly, some even felt conscious about their appearance, while some felt compelled to reach out to their loved ones with a simple gesture.

As the clip went on, all pairs had something heartwarming to share about the other, and later confessed on how they felt after the session.

 Jacob, a 66-year-old father described the moment with his 31-year-old daughter Joan: “Well, very rarely do we have the opportunity to stand side by side. So it’s actually quite an emotional moment because you know…it’s something that you want to treasure.”
 53-year-old Normah confesses, “I am very happy growing old together with my husband,” while her 61-year-old husband Prachayo jokingly adds: “I still love her, because she’s still young.” To which she replied: “So irritating!”

Prudential signs off with, “Your relationships are precious, so protect them.”

The video is the leading financial services’ first expression of its refreshed branding and communications strategy, titled “Relationship Reconnect”.

The experiment is based on the ground-breaking work that found when placed face-to-face for as short as four minutes, people begin to experience increased levels of empathy and intimacy toward each other.

Try it with your loved ones, and maybe you will appreciate them even more today than you have ever did before.

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Published on Friday, 18 March 2016 Source: "This Social Experiment Asked Six Couples To Look Into Each Other’s Eyes For 4 Minutes, It Will Make You Cry"

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