Unexpected in 15 seconds

1:54 minutes into the clip

The 25th March was like any other day for Robert and Judy as the made there way back home after visiting family traveling this route was all too familiar for Robert who had done this journey hundreds of time previously for his work however today was going to bring an unexpected 15 Seconds

by Robert Green

It all happened very quickly, a max of 15 seconds at most, though it seemed to take ages as if it was happening in slow motion… it occurred through no fault of ours, or more particularly mine (since I was the driver).. we came around the corner at no great rate of speed and inexplicably the rear lost traction and spun out to the right.

Attempting to correct the skid and obtain traction I turned the wheels into the skid and achieved nothing because the inertia principle was at work.. we just kept sliding but in a new direction facing head on towards the safety rail.

When this was happening I distinctly remember thinking, “Oh no.. the car is going to be totalled.. I hope we don’t go to hospital”..

I turned wheel and for reasons beyond my understanding, the car turned and instead of striking the safety rail head on with the power behind the weight of the skid, we only struck the rail a glancing blow as will be seen from the attached photo.. the damage is minimal contrasted with my anticipation.

Did the event upset me? You betcha!!

In the video I’m inspecting the damage to see if I can drive the car safely and rubbing my stomach to appease the raging inside, and hoping I wouldn’t throw up.

I was a quite emotionally fragile for several hours afterwards.

As we made our way back to our home town my wife and I talked about what happened.. She asked as she considered what happened, whether the enemy was trying to take both of us out.. I said it’s possible but as far as I know we weren’t about to do anything great for God. Who knows?

I have slept well although I woke in the night with a headache.. We are unhurt and the car is not too damaged as to cause great pain to the insurance company..

The bible says the enemy of our souls prowls about like a hungry lion… well, he went hungry yesterday afternoon. end48

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