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        Salvations & Baptisms in Kellerberrin

By Violet Njo Dickson

Kellerberrin is centrally located in the Wheatbelt, 202 km east of Perth along Great Eastern Highway. It is a warm, charming community, steeped in a vibrant history dating back from its Indigenous people to European pioneers.

Exciting adventure

In March 2016, our team of 36 members from Jesus Heals Us Ministry in Perth, led by Ps Vera Lim, was invited to Kellerberrin by an Aboriginal grandmother whose grandson was healed of autism at the Perth4Jesus Rally in November 2015.

We chartered a bus and a truck that opens out into a mobile stage. Our target audience was the Nyungar Tribe who travelled from neighbouring towns to attend our concert. We prayed for people in the streets and knocked on doors to invite residents to come.

Jeff, a single father, and his 3 young children came.  He revealed that just before we knocked on his door, he was at the lowest point of his life thinking of giving up his 3 children as he was unable to cope.  He felt rejected by the community who looked down on them, avoiding talking, listening and even looking at them. At the concert he was touched by God’s love and gave his life to Jesus.  Jeff was baptised on Sunday.

Jeff’s family
Jeff’s Baptism
Vera prays for Peter

In the pub

We approached a lady walking down the street. 

She happened to be the manager of the local pub.  She allowed us to use the garden area to play our ‘brand’ of music during “Happy Hours”. 

We played gospel songs, preached and danced. A pub patron,

Peter, came to buy a case of beer.  He ended up receiving prayer from Vera and he received Jesus.  He has since emailed Vera to thank her for that eventful meeting at the pub.

Three generations

Owners of “Judi’s Place” was the place we parked our van. Sean and Judi with 97 year old Edna their grandmother gave their lives to Jesus. Their 36 year old son Michael who suffers from agoraphobia and has locked himself up in a shed for 20 years, eating only one meal a week refused to come out. We went to visit him and when he opened the door we spoke to him. He broke down and confessed he was fearful. We prayed for him at the door held ajar and he received the Lord. We continue to pray that he will be set free completely.

“Judi’s Place”
Sean’s Baptism
Michael’s Shed

Second visit

We returned to Kellerberrin during the Easter weekend to follow up the new believers.

Another objective was  to give “Judi’s Place a spring clean and to do much needed repairs.

By this we wanted to show love and care to the owners Sean and Judi. It was a symbolic and spiritual act of cleansing of Kellerberrin.

From law-breaker to law-enforcer

On our way to the town we heard something fall out of our van so we stopped by the roadside. A police officer stopped to ask if we needed help.  It turned out that she was Ms Jodie Jarvis, an ex drug addict, homeless single mother who was saved through Margaret Court’s ministry. So enthusiastic is she her new life, she boldly expresses her faith by covering herself with tattoos of bible verses and images.  She now uses her position on the side of the law to reach out to those outside the law.

Jodie showing Vera her Tattoos
Jodie praying for Steven a Drug Addict

Gospel meeting in pub

The manager of the pub where we first met Peter, recognised us as the “Gospel Group”.  He immediately led us to the large dining area where we had two hours of worship and testimonies which could be heard throughout the whole pub. He promised that we can have the outdoor stage to have our music and meeting for our future visits.  He even gave us a cup of red syrup for Holy Communion!

Worshipping in Pub
Grandma Edna Singing

New life

There’s a complete change in the spiritual atmosphere in “Judi’s Place”. Whereas before this family was reclusive, not willing to interact or socialise with Christians, now they seem so warm and full of joy.  They willingly opened their lounge room for our services. Even 97 year old grandma Edna marched on the spot as we sang “Onward Christian Soldiers”.  We rejoice that God has started to work in Kellerberrin and we intend to take Him to other towns also.  The Lord has blessed us with a 14-seater bus and a large truck that opens up into a mobile stage. …the vehicles we desperately needed to reach out to the county towns. end48

In front of our Truck that Opens into a Stage
Our 14- Seater Bus

Violet Njo Dickson recovered from cancer a year ago and serves God in many capacities in different organizations and churches. She lives in Perth with her husband Ian.

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  1. June 2016: Feedback from readers for: Bringing the good news to outback Australian

    Thank you for your news.

    I was very interested about the Kellerberrin visit.

    My husband visited in between the two Perth4Jesus visits.

    Kellerberrin is my home town. We stayed with Judi and Saun who were certainly walking with Jesus. God is so good. God bless you.

    Dorothy Holmes ~ Perth

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