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lachlan-dunjey-00Dr Lachlan Dungey points out issues of great concern facing Australia today

For medicine it is to lose our soul, to lose the battle for the intrinsic value of all human life in all states of dependency and disability from fertilisation to life’s natural end, to have conscience in medicine taken from us, and become mere providers of medical services at behest of government or consumer groups with no choice as to whether we have to perform abortions or euthanasia. We have already lost this in Victoria where the S8 part of the Abortion Act 2008 compels referral for abortions when requested. We will also have lost the ability to tell truth in matters of informed consent.

You can read more about these things on the three medical websitesMWM, Conscience in Medicine , Docs4Family.

But these issues that really got me going in 2002 and running for Senate in 2004 are not the big issues that now concentrate my time and should concern all of us.

For the family it is to lose our identity as husbands and wives, as mothers and fathers, and far more significantly to lose our right to bring up our own children with values we respect and honour, particularly God-given values – with the risk that if we try we will have our children taken away from us and we will be subject to re-education classes before we can have our children back. Children in schools will be asked what they believe.

For our children it is to be subject to premature sexualisation through our schools and kindergartens, to be encouraged in alternative sexual practices and change of gender as you feel like it, to in fact be groomed for early sex and that there are at least two virginities. How do you find out? You experiment.

For the Church it is to lose our voice to preach God’s word, to uphold the Judeo-Christian values on which our nation – and indeed the West – is based; to lose our right to teach Christian values in our Church schools and if our pastors are to maintain their marriage licences then they will have to conform to state obligations to marry – we too will have lost liberty of conscience and belief.

For the Nation we will have lost our voice to declare anything that might go against – or particularly to cause hurt – the current minority beef on “unfairness”. To declare what we believe will be to discriminate against somebody or something as judged by the “thought police” of the “nanny state”. Ultimately – as with the court hearings* against the Catholic Church at the present time for including in the schools pamphlet that marriage is between male and female – we will have lost a voice in elections and therefore democratic rule. Re-education classes (“diversity training”) will be commonplace. Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act ensures these possibilities.

*Stop-Press: as of May 5 Martine Delaney has withdrawn her complaint against Julian Porteous and the Catholic Church. What could have become a precedent-setting test case is no longer.


So what is so bad about something that sounds as innocuous as a Safe Schools Program?

Firstly, there are existing school programs that deal with bullying without selecting one particular area of concern and we are informed that these programs are effective if followed through.

Secondly, the program encourages premature sexualisation of children. We can be thankful that it will now only be implemented in high schools and no longer in primary schools but already such “education” is to be introduced to pre-schoolers. The Start Early Initiative for kindergartens introducing gender, sexuality, cross-dressing and tours of the opposite sex toilets promoted by Early Childhood Australia was introduced last month and is set to be rolled out across the country. It is said that it is to prevent domestic violence by countering “rigid views on gender”.

Thirdly, the program introduces – and encourages experimentation in – matters of sexuality and sexual experience that would horrify most people: two virginities; breast binding; penis tucking; and links to sites that promote group sex, sex toys and sadomasochism.

Also Article: A “needs to know”. Safe Schools. .

At a time when we are looking at ways of combatting the scourge of pornography some of these sites are overtly pornographic.

Indeed, normally accepted sexual intercourse as between a male and a female is derided as “heteronormativity” and is not to be tolerated.

Lesson two of the program involves sex role playing: students imagine they are 16 and going out with somebody, one half of the class with someone of the same sex and the other half with the opposite sex. Class discussions are recommended to combat the malaise of “heteronormativity”. Students are urged to avoid reinforcing this mindset with questions such as whether a new baby is a boy or a girl. Did you get that? The ideology is that “reducing heteronormativity in schools can have good outcomes for everyone”

This sexualisation and overt “grooming” for early sex has been considered by some as child abuse.

Indeed, in their paper of Mar 29, 2016 Gender ideology harms children, published by the American College of Paediatricians, Michelle A. Cretella, Quentin Van Meter and Paul McHugh write that “conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.” Article Gender ideology harms children

Gender Ideology Harms Children


The real intent the program is being exposed.

A prominent homosexual columnist has blown away the smokescreen obscuring the real intent behind anti-bullying and “anti-homophobic” programs in schools. Daniel Villarreal in Queerty writes: “Let’s face it, we want to indoctrinate children.”  Article “Gay columnist: let’s face it, we want to indoctrinate children”

“Recruiting children? You bet we are,” Villarreal wrote. “Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?”

“I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach and expose children to queer sexuality and there is nothing wrong with that,” he wrote.

(excerpted from Sexual diversity: coming to a school near you by Babette Francis News Weekly, June 11, 2011 Article “Sexual diversity: coming to a school near you”

And, the SSCA founder, Roz Ward, has bluntly admitted that the Safe Schools Coalition program is “not about stopping bullying” but is “about sexual diversity and gender diversity”.  Article & Video: “WATCH: Aussie ‘safe schools’ leader admits program is about gay activism, not bullying”


We fight. We educate re the plebiscite re SSM.  Get a parent group to go see your school principal; write your local MP state and federal; login to Family Voice and Australian Christian Lobby and sign the petition at launched by Australian Family Association

Well, yes, but prayer is the most important thing – yes and we must make sure we and all our people do it. Yes, but YOU and I still have a decision to make on election day – and to influence others. Whatever else we are involved in we still must make a choice between good and evil when we cast that vote – our decision – into the ballot box.

And when it comes to voting remember there is a third choice – a Christian party that can be salt and light in the upper house and influence policy decisions in the lower house simply by preferencing.

And remember, by putting your Christian party as [1] and your major party of choice as [2] the vote goes on at full value unless, of course, we win.

We are at war.

We have been in Pearl Harbour and we have been asleep, Darwin has been bombed, and now we are in the Battle of the Coral Sea. This battle will shape – as it did – the future of Australia. Australia is at risk in a way it has never been before. These issues we have talked about transcend all other issues. Today we have choices – choices at the ballot box and a choice with the marriage plebiscite – and they are choices that each of us must make before God. I trust and pray that as we inevitably face increasing persecution for our children and their children that you will not look back with regret on 2016 with a sense of failure that you were not awake, that you did not do enough and that you made wrong choices. end48

Dr Lachlan Dungey is the founder and convenor of Doctors for the Family, Conscience in Medicine and Medicine With Morality


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