Some practical suggestions to be a good father

By the Editors


Make out a special time.


Pray with your spouse for the children.



Spend quality Time.



Mark as top priority on your appointment diary a weekly, regular 30 minute appointment for your children. The meeting must be well planned. (Avoid watching a TV program together)


We pray for each of our children & grandchildren every night.


We have regular meals with each of our grandchildren, letting them select the food and restaurant they prefer. We pray beforehand about choosing some edifying table conversation.

Different points of view

A father was pestered by his wife to take his son for fishing, Twenty years later, the mother came across their diaries.

Father’s entry: spent a whole Saturday with Tom – caught nothing. A whole day wasted

Tom’s entry: had a most unforgettable time with my dad. I love my dad so much.

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