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    Hello dear Goldie, it’s a pleasant surprise that we have Rose and my old schoolmate Denison as our mutual friends. I knew you a long time ago in Hong Kong in the late 70s. You were very kind and warm to me when I was a stranger in HK with 3 young children and quite impoverished. I always remember your kindness but lost touch. Hopefully we may meet again. God bless you n your family. My best Wishes to all in your family. I remember your doctor husband and your three daughters. My name was Rosalind Cheung but when I reverted to my Chinese name Peng, it got anglicized to Pam hence I am now Pamela Cheung.

    Pamela Cheung ~ Malaysia

  2. Readers Feedback from our Facebookdeargoldieau

    Dear Goldie & Tek, Wilson passed to be with the Lord on the 20th. January. He had been ill for 8 weeks.

    He was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in July last year but he was on oxygen only two months.

    Our Baptist Church family have been very supportive to myself and the family.

    Hope you and your family are all well. Love in Jesus Mary Smith.?

  3. Readers Feedback from our Facebookdeargoldieau

    Shalom. Hello Mrs. Chong. Hope you are doing well. You might not remember me but I’m the daughter of Phyllis Balaoeg. She worked for your family in Hongkong before.

    My mother has gone to glory. She had lymphoma and died January 27, 2009. She’s in a better place now. She loved your family so much. She told me that you went to the Philippines several times, she was really happy to see you and Dr. Chong.

    Thank you for your kindness to my mom. Thank you also for recommending me to the Teo family.

    I am currently living here in Memphis TN with my husband David.

    He is a Baptist minister and we’re serving a small church here. Please give my regards to Dr. Chong. God Bless.

    Ruth Cristy Balaoeg Bowser ~ Philippines

  4. Readers Feedback from our Facebookdeargoldieau

    Dear Goldie, I’m Chimene a Ywam missionary from Cameroon, at the moment in the Philippines doing a Bible School.

    I’m a friend of Dr Andrew Kam. He forwarded me your website and I was very touched by the wonderful testimony.

    I was also touched and encouraged by your testimony of 51 years of marriage, (Fight a Good Fight) that’s amazing!!!!

    Congrats and many blessings on you, your family and ministry!

    Chimene Djeumo ~ Philippines

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