A Fall in a Shopping Centre

It can’t be more timely

By May Lo

Lawrence my husband, suffered a severe major stroke in 2003 which resulted in the whole left side of his body being weak with some loss of sensation.

Five days in the ICU, the doctor told me to gather the family together and inform relatives and friends for a final goodbye. 

However, l didn’t do it. 

I told only my Senior Pastor who came by that day to pray for him.

Intensive prayer was mustered by many; a flood of intense petitions went up to heaven. Today, 12 years later, Lawrence is still with us. 

GOD, has the final say and not man

Lawrence-01Last month, while shopping in the shopping Centre, Lawrence trying to avoid some children lost his balance and fell heavily.  A pool of blood stained the floor.  A passer- by who happened to be a nurse from the hospital stroke department rendered first aid until the paramedics came.  We cannot but be amazed how God sent the right person at the exact time of our need.  The personnel of the shopping Centre attended to him efficiently, surrounding him with portable partitions for protection and privacy and took the necessary details from me.

The paramedics from St. John Ambulance confirmed there was a deep cut on the upper left eye. They were very professional and after the necessary procedures, whisked him off to Royal Perth Hospital.

At the hospital, the doctors left no stone unturned.  All the necessary tests were done, and even a physiotherapist was in attendance. We stayed there for almost seven hours before Lawrence could be discharged.  It was worth the wait. All the tests were favorable. We can’t imagine the consequence if there had been a fracture or broken hip. Except for two stitches and some bruises Lawrence was no worse off.  God is truly merciful- He orchestrated every move with remarkable timing.  end48

May Lo is a homemaker and an active member of Victory Life Church and Oikos Fellowship in Perth.

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