A Little Boy is Run Over


David Sibley wrote this letter to Joe Teakle who was in a car accident in Perth at the time when Dr Philip Lyn spoke in Perth Prayer of his daughter Sarah’s accident in Malaysia*

Dear Joe,

When I think of you I always remember God’s faithfulness to His people.

Many years before your injury I was privileged to hear the story of Dr. Philip Lyn, a medical doctor educated in the U.K. and heard about how his young daughter, Sarah, had been killed by accidental strangulation in the backyard of her brother’s violin teacher in Malaysia.  He told of her death in medical terms and described the symptoms of asphyxiation, which were apparent when he picked up his daughter and rushed her to the hospital.

The church in that city Kota Kinabalu gathered together in prayer all night as the symptoms of death miraculously disappeared and she arose the next day completely healed with no injury and no memory of the accident itself.  Today Sarah is alive and well attending Methodist Ladies College in Perth, a living testimony to the reality of God today.

So many years ago I had been encouraged by this story and sought a meeting with Philip, eventually persuading him to come and share at the Christian Fellowship in the city called Perth Prayer.n1

Philip’s story of his daughter Sarah is very much intertwined with your own.  You see, after years of planning Philip was scheduled to share his family’s story the week following your accident.  I believe before the world was even made God had pre-arranged this to encourage your parents at a difficult time as well as to touch your life that was hanging in the balance.

The day the accident happened was like any other in the Chevron office.  I was very busy in my office while your Dad Ray was working away at his computer in the open area.  I remember looking out and seeing Ray bent over at his desk but turned away from the computer, his face buried between his knees.  Immediately I knew something was wrong and got up to check on him.  I always liked your Dad and I was worried he was ill but no one else had noticed.  When I went to him and asked him what was wrong he said two of his children – you and your brother Charlie had just been run over by a car on Scarborough Beach Road. My heart dropped; we were both devastated and I drove him to the hospital because I did not think he could safely drive. As I drove I prayed for you and Charlie. There was nothing I could say to console your Dad.  We got to the hospital before the ambulances and sat waiting together. I continued to pray and sent a text to praying friends around the world asking for their prayers as well.  Soon the ambulance arrived and a nurse came to get Ray. She said that he could see you but should be brief; you had lost consciousness and they were still trying to revive you.  Tears come to my eyes in remembrance.

You remained in a coma and the next several days were difficult, especially for your family. People throughout Perth and around the world were praying for you.


Joe after the accident

Perth Prayer was on Wednesday of the next week; you were still in a coma as people gathered to hear Philip’s story.  Charlie, your mom and dad were up front listening as Dr. Lyn spoke with his wife and little Sarah standing next to him.  As he told how Sarah had died, her face black from strangulation, brain dead and in a coma he spoke of the praying church, symptoms disappearing, consciousness returning and her first words. The blindness later disappeared and eventually complete healing came in the early morning hours.n2

A full church prayed with your parents that you would also awaken to life even though there seemed to be little hope. But in fact God was there.  He encouraged your family and the whole city and answered prayers for your healing.

The amazing coincidence that brought Philip to speak about the raising from the dead of his daughter at exactly the same time you lay in a coma, one foot in heaven and one foot on the earth was evident to all.

Joe, you are a miracle man, your life testifies to the goodness of God and the slight paralysis that remains is a remembrance that brings hope to many. It is my prayer that the gift of life given to you continues to bless.  I am thankful that God encouraged your Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters when they needed it most.   I am glad he delivered you. Go and be the mighty man of God you were born to be.  Bring hope to others even as He has given you life and hope.

In Jesus Name,

David Sibley (Perth Prayer)

David Sibley is an Earth Science Advisor with Chevron and the organizer of Perth Prayer which has 3 lunchtime meetings in different venues in the city.  Enquiries: perthprayerletter@gmail.com



   | Note 1: Read Article | by Philip Lyn  | Published: Issue 20 |  Tittle: “Back From the Dead” (Sarah Lyn’s story) 


   | Note 2: Read Article | by David Sibley | Published: Issue 20 | Tittle: “How ‘Perth Prayer’ started in the Heart of the City” 

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