It only takes a spark

Herlina & Peter Chee on the cruise

So we pass it on to keep the fire going

By Peter Chee

How it started

My wife Herlina and I have just come back from a 4-days cruise on the Pacific Eden, a mid- size ship with a capacity of 1500 passengers.

On the cruise were 4 couples including Irene and Peter Khor aged 86 and 92 years old.

They started a spark in our lives 48 years ago.

Irene & Peter Khor on the cruise


I was a 14- year old kid with nothing to do during the December school holidays. Irene and Peter had started a church called Fettes Park Baptist church. It was located on a corner shop lot and they started a one- week long vacation bible school during the holidays. There I enjoyed myself making crafts from bamboo which we chopped down from the nearby jungle fringe. Lunch was biscuits and cordial. I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour during one of the evening meetings and about 20 of us were invited for fellowship and bible studies. Their home was always open for us and I remember the many delicious meals we had during then. They continued to open their home to us for many years. I remember when I was courting Herlina (she was a non believer then) Irene and Peter Khor encouraged her and many other non-believers to join in the activities. Touched by their unconditional love, many, including Herlina accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

Open home

Their home was a safe haven to us during our formative years. Among the many things we caught from them was their love for the Lord expressed in words and actions. Anytime we had any issues in life we found hard to understand, Irene and Peter would be there to help us find solutions.

Now many of us have moved on in life and are scattered in many parts of the world yet we still remember the precious time the dear couple invested in our lives.

We are fortunate to live in Perth with them since we migrated here about 29 years ago. They still continue to serve the Lord faithfully. Irene still plays the piano for the old folks group at Gracewood retirement home and Peter though now frail and  deaf is always smiling and generous and trusting the Lord. On the cruise Irene shared the devotional time with us, inspiring us with the same wonderful message as she did so many years ago. Surely the spark that she started more than 48 years ago has spread to hundreds of lives. I know that it will continue to burn and we will endeavour to pass it on to the next generation.  end48

Peter was a real estate agent now retired and actively serving in the church and community.

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  1. Regarding August 2016 Feedback from readers for: It Only Takes a Spark

    To Peter Chee,

    What a pleasant surprise to see Master Khor KK’s picture!

    I knew him from St Xavier’s Inst., Penang.

    When you next see him, convey my warmest regards to him. Praise God for keeping him and Irene in good health.

    Sinkok Lee

    • Regarding August 2016 Feedback from readers for: It Only Takes a Spark

      Dear Sinkok Lee

      your message to peter has been forwarded to Peter Chee

      On behalf of the Editor Dear Goldie

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