Choosing Your Epitaph

By Goldie Chong


Tek at his dad’s graveyard in Melaka. Epitaph says “Safe in Jesus’ arms”

We visited Tek’s parent’s graveyard during our stay in Melaka and noticed various epitaphs engraved on the tombstones. I recall having chosen my epitaph years ago but I do not think I need it anymore. The reason is both Tek and I have bequeathed our bodies to the university for research* so there will be no tombstone. My parents did the same and we think it is the best way to dispose of our bodies. Besides benefitting medical science, the university held a most meaningful and dignified memorial service for relatives and set up a plaque of the donors’ names in a memorial garden.


Goldie at the Memorial Garden in Perth

Although I will not have a  tombstone I would still like to be  remembered with these words: “she did what she couldn’t” tweaked from Mark 14:8 where this woman came and anointed Jesus with expensive perfume. Jesus commended her saying, “she did what she could”. I feel I not only did what I could but I actually did what I naturally and normally couldn’t do the “good works which God prepared in advance for me to do” Eph.2:10  because the resurrected Christ enabled me to do more than what I was able.
Someone said regretfully, “when I came to die, I discovered I had not lived”. Would you like to consider what epitaph you would like to have? What would summarize your life?end48

*Ask the Australian universities’ Dept. of Anatomy for details, forms to sign, etc.



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