Christmas Issue Dec.#24 2016

A word from Goldie

We give thanks for two  important dates in Tek and my life.

25th December  Christmas

We look back on how the coming of Jesus Christ has made a difference in our lives since we accepted Him as our Saviour and Lord in our youth. He has kept His promise, “I will never leave you or forsake you’.  We renew this same promise to Him for the coming years.

26th December Boxing Day

We thank God for this day in 1964, 52 years ago when God put us together as husband and wife to live a life of fulfilment, fruitfulness and fun.  

The lesson we learn from these two events:  it’s not what we have in our lives but who we have that counts. Thank you Jesus and thank you spouse.   See related story “Two Babies

We send our love and best wishes to all our friends and relatives for the coming years.


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