International Fruits … continuing the story of KB Chan: worshipper, composer, singer without kidneys


For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you., and that My name may be declared in all the earth.


God is on the move again. This time God went a step further and brought my ministries to the four corners of the world. This little bird whose body is being entrapped in the cage, could now bring its singing across the nations of the world. God has given this little bird extra-ordinary spiritual loudspeakers and amplifiers for the world to enjoy its singing. God finally has given me such creative freedom to my spirit and soul to roam even though my body cannot travel abroad.

By divine appointment in 2006, I got an opportunity to stream my songs in one of the hottest internet radio stations in the world in the USA. Within two months of streaming, one of my songs, ‘Daddy You’re My Hero’, which I took half an hour to write, became a number one song on the Christian Contemporary and Pop charts on Father’s Day.

I received more than three thousand hits everyday from all over the world. I never looked back since. At present my number one hits stand at eleven. Go to my music site and click ‘comment’ to see those words of encouragement and testimonies for my songs. Things I have done in my room have gone to the nations. Today I can write and record a song and tomorrow it will be flashed across the world through the internet. That’s what the bible means, that greater things we can do for Him when Jesus is with the Father.

At the same time I also set up my own webpage where my testimonies, videos, book and my pair of kidneys have bless many people.

In December 2008, I had the privilege of working with Lifeline International Ministries. I was interviewed on a talk show with none other than Rev Margaret and Vernon Falls. I shared my testimony and song on the show. This video including my kidneys will be shown throughout the six continents of the world. Hallelujah!!!

God says, ‘In His time He will make all things beautiful.’(Eccl.3:11 ESV) You may feel you are not going anywhere. You may even feel uncomfortable or suffering. Wait!!! Wait on the Lord, His words shall come to pass and shall not return void.

This period of waiting is very important to God, The Master Craftsman. In the metamorphosis of a butterfly, it is the waiting in the cocoon stage, that the caterpillar develops its unique character and colors. If you take the butterfly out before its time, it will die. And in the fullness of time when the butterfly is revealed it becomes a beautiful perfect creature as God destined it to be.

God had successfully brought the fruits of my spirit and soul to the highest level although I had to drag my physical body along. It was moving in the other direction. It is a real hindrance and a struggle at times, but as long as I can accomplish God’s will, the flesh has to be put down, dying to the flesh, so to say.

This is faith! Hallelujah! 

(Video of interview with Rev. Vernon and Margeret Falls….Ministry of the man without kidneys….)


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