China didn’t invent CNY Yee Sang, this Seremban man did!

CHONGS doing LoHei in Melaka

We are celebrating Chinese New year in Melaka. A dish that must be included in the menu is called LoHei Yusang consisting of a variety of ingredients. 

This is supposedly the history of this interesting dish. China didn’t invent CNY Yee Sang, this Seremban man did!  

Yee Sang is popular in Malaysia and Singapore, but most Chinese in the rest of the world have absolutely no idea why we’re playing with our food like this!

Yee Sang, otherwise known as Lo Hei (捞起) is one of the most anticipated traditions of Chinese New Year – without a doubt. If you’re not sure what it is (seriously?!), Yee Sang is basically a Chinese salad dish with raw fish/jelly fish and a special sauce, while Lo Hei is when you toss the salad as high as possible using chopsticks while shouting out good stuff you hope would happen in the coming year.

So if most Chinese don’t know about Lo Hei Yee Sang, where did this Chinese New Year tradition come from? It all began with one man from Seremban who needed to make some extra income. But before we tell you his story, let’s go back in time to China and see how this dish really came about.  

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away… Raw fish cuisine, also known as kuai (脍), was very popular in China thousands of years ago. 

FULL STORY HERE | By Chee Seng — 26/01/2017 | Source: | Tittle: China didn’t invent CNY Yee Sang, this Seremban man did!


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